A Piece of Me

Poetry has always been my escape, no matter how cliché that sounds. Words are the things I use to structure the chaos in my head. They are what I use to make my thoughts something I can communicate in a way that doesn’t send me in circles.

I started writing poetry when I was young. I remember writing my very first poem in fifth grade. Ironically, it was called “I Can’t Write a Poem.” It was even published in a children’s book of poetry. But what was funny was how easily poetry came to me. The words just…flowed. When I was angry or stressed, words and rhymes poured out of my mind and on to paper. Symbolism and metaphors depicted situations I couldn’t even find myself talking about.

For years, I never shared my poetry. It is vulnerable. It is messy. It has strong emotions that I hate to admit I have. But, here I am. Sharing my heart, sharing my pieces.

Here I am sharing my pieces, one way or another.

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